It is important to me that you know that I do not make sourdough bread because it has become fashionable but to uphold a particular bread baking tradition. The process of fermentation has been practiced for thousands of years and for good reason. Our ancestors and virtually all pre-industrialized peoples soaked and fermented their grains before making them into porridge, bread, cakes, and casseroles. We are now able to understand why and how it all works.  There are additional reasons why baking high quality, nutritious bread is important to me, given the chance, I am happy to talk with you about them.


The Bread Kitchen

Hello, I’m Henry, founder of Henry‘s Bread Kitchen. I am an artisan baker, a craftsperson dedicated to the art of mixing, fermenting, shaping and baking a hand crafted loaf of bread. I incorporate the science behind the chemical reactions between the ingredients and use them to create the most optimal environment for my bread to develop.


I have spent years in the kitchen and am always vigilant about how I bake, but more importantly, I understand why I use the method and ingredients that I do. As a result, I can speak to the truly dynamic art of bread baking that involves a very basic interaction with nature. The result is authentic, wholesome and natural bread with a rich flavor and aroma that is light in texture and truly nourishing to the body and Spirit. 


I know the most important ingredient in bread baking is time, and no chemical or additive can substitute for the time it takes to properly develop a loaf of bread. 


In my kitchen, I cultivate yeast, using the same methods men and women have been using for 6,000 years. Using the correct proportion of flour and water to create an environment for the bacteria and the yeast to grow. This is essential to all bread baking. 


On their own flour, water or salt cannot sustain life, but together, under the watchful eye of the baker, they are transformed into something that is the very staff of life. 


You should be able to pronounce all of the ingredients in your bread. If you can’t, then maybe it’s not bread, but something else altogether.


Allow me to bake for you using ingredients and methods that are as old as Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.



Henry’s Bread Kitchen


Brioche Buns