“Forget what you think you know about bread” and keep your toaster on deck.

When most people embark on a new diet the first thing that seems to get the boot is the bread. But truth be told, it’s not all that bad. Not only will dropping carbs depress your taste buds, but it actually may prevent you from achieving lasting, healthy weight loss. The secret to having your bread and eating it too lies solely in the ingredients. Certain slices will offer your body absolutely no nutrition while others have the opportunity to fill you up with fiber and energy-boosting whole grains. (Yes, there are best bread loaves for weight loss out there!) Not to mention, some varieties today go even further and pack healthy, satiating fats into the mix by adding nuts and seeds.

Forget what you think you know about bread and keep your toaster on deck. To hit your health goals and lose your belly, stick with the bread you know and dump the store bought packaged, processed, additive losers you find in the store.

At Henry’s Bread Kitchen we cultivate and grow our own yeast, not fed with commercial sugar but with the sugar that already exists in the starches in the flour. Commercial yeast has Its place and we use it from time to time but our goal is to be as natural as possible. We prefer to use simple ingredients like flour, water, salt and yeast. This is what a proper slice of white bread looks like.

I know the most important ingredient in bread baking is time, and no chemical or additive can substitute for the time it takes to properly develop a loaf of bread.

Allow us to bake for you using ingredients and methods that are as old as Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.


Henry’s Bread Kitchen,LLC




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